Apoyo al Proyecto American Dream Miami Centro Comercial, Gastronómico, Cultural y de Entretenimiento Familiar




(AVENTURA, 2017-03-05)


This is a great project bound to bring lots of economic growth develolment and jobs to the area

(Miami Lakes, 2017-03-05)


David Gill

(hollywood, 2017-04-02)


Estimated 20,000 jobs for Florida residents! Water park and snowboarding!

(Miami, 2017-04-02)


this project makes sense to me and it's a shame that it is being bullied out of approval.

(Miami beach, 2017-04-02)


more jobs , more real estate , more entertainment

(surfside, 2017-04-03)


I'm signing because I love sports and Miami needs more places where youg people can have fun while being active and enjoying physical activity like this centar will offer

(Miami, 2017-04-06)


Very important!

(Brooklyn, 2017-04-07)


Great for the economy for Doral!

(doral, 2017-04-07)


This is an amazing Project for me, my neighborhood, my family and everything that comes along with it!

(Miami Lakes, 2017-04-07)


I want this mall to happen.

(Miami lakes , 2017-04-07)


I love America dream

(Miami beach, 2017-04-09)


I want to go to the American Dream already

(Hollywood , 2017-04-25)


This will create many jobs in the area. And flourish the Hollywood area.

(Hollywood, 2017-04-25)



(Fort Lauderdae, 2017-04-25)


I want my properties to increase in value

(Miami Gardens, 2017-04-25)


Great project. A definitely MUST GO!

(Miami, 2017-04-26)


I lived and grew up in South Florida and occasionally visit too. It would help on all fronts to have this work. It'll create more jobs. More attractions for tourists and even Floridians.

(Bet Shemesh , 2017-04-30)


We need MoshiachNow!!

(Jerusalem , 2017-04-30)


It will be great for our economy

(miami, 2017-05-01)


Miami residents and tourists will greatly benefit from this project

(Miami, 2017-05-01)


I got twelve Miami grand children.

(Aventura, 2017-05-01)


Believe it will bring growth to Florida

(Palm Beach Florida, 2017-05-07)


I think this is a beautiful and so important project.

(Brooklyn, 2017-05-07)


great opportunity for young frum families to buy affordable home, and build a community.

(Miami Beach, 2017-05-07)


I believe this project will be a major boon for the local economy

(Lauderhill, 2017-05-07)


I support American Dream Miami.

(Hialeah, 2017-05-09)


I love this idea

(LAKEWOOD, 2017-05-10)


I think it is grat idea for the whole family.

(Coral gables , 2017-05-20)


I want to support this. This will bring more jobs, more money for the businesses, more tourists, and a great place to visit with for fun, to eat and enjoy all the entertainments that it will offer! We need places like this to bring more fun and entertainment to south Florida, and this is why I am agreeing to sign this petition to help pass it!

(West Palm Beach, 2017-05-22)


Alicia Hentschel

(West palm beach , 2017-05-22)


I want to support the project

(Orlando , 2017-05-24)


Im signing this petition because i believe this will be a great chance to great more jobs and bring more money for our city and state.

(orlando, 2017-05-24)


I visit Miami often and like to visit retail outlets with my family and friends.

(Fort Myers, 2017-05-25)


Kiera Hadley

(Oakland Park, 2017-05-28)


Kiera Hadley

(Miramar, 2017-05-28)


Sarag Dultz

(Fort Lauderdale, 2017-05-29)


Kiera Hadley

(Hialeah, 2017-05-30)


Kiera Hadley

(Coconut Creek, 2017-05-30)


Sarah Dultz

(Fort Lauderdale, 2017-05-30)


Kiera Hadley

(Oakland Park, 2017-05-31)


K. Hadley

(North Lauderdale, 2017-05-31)


Kiera Hadley

(Daina, 2017-06-01)


K. Hadley

(Oakland Park, 2017-06-01)


Felipe Marquez

(Hialeah, 2017-06-02)


K. Hadley

(Baca Raton, 2017-06-02)


K. Hadley

(Fort Lauderdale, 2017-06-02)


Valentina louis

(Miami, 2017-06-04)