Tratado Internacional para Proteger y Restaurar la Madre Tierra



To honor this historic and sacred Indigenous Treaty, it’s original signers, and support its implementation🙏

Avon Mattison (Larkspur , 2020-12-23)


I am a fellow member of the Human Family, a student of the Indigenous world-view, and a passionate advocate for Mother Earth and all her living things. It is an honor to be part of this movement.

Shen-Shen Wu (Santa Cruz, 2020-12-23)


I m signing because I hear & feel the call ...

NGO We Are One Founder Mrs. Susanne Kasack (Mägenwil, 2020-12-23)


I'm signing because this treaty embodies the only logical path forward to a sustainable future.

Sailesh Rao (Phoenix, 2020-12-23)


This is the only International Treaty that will stop Runaway Climate Change if implemented now.

Chief Phil Lane Jr. (White Rock, 2020-12-23)


I am signing this Petition because of my love for our beautiful planet and all life on it and my desire to do my part to perserve and protect all life.

Linda Raynor (Sherman Oaks, 2020-12-23)


I AM signing because I feel from my heart this is the Red Road Way to the New World

Susan Sleight (Fabet, 2020-12-23)


I care about Mother Earth and every living thing. Everything and everyone she provides for. I want the next seven generations to enjoy our Mother Earth.

Carolyn Pambrun (Edmonton , 2020-12-23)


I am signing because as a celtic pagan i know it is the will of the gods to restore the great mother

Seth Emenaker (Greenwood,, 2020-12-24)


We are at the End Point of Life on the Planet, unless the Principles of Honoring ALL Life is brought to the Minds and Hearts of ALL Peoples.

Robin Chapel (Los Angeles, 2020-12-24)


it is my duty to honor and protect the earth

Adiean Dae neon (San antonio, 2020-12-24)


The Earth is home to all living beings...we must protect her for all the future generations who will come after us. I do not want our grandchildren to ask us why we did nothing as they watch their world burn.

Julie Francis (SWADLINCOTE, 2020-12-24)


I'm signing for justice.

Ramon Gomez (Phoenix , 2020-12-24)


I serve the emergence of
a conscious, harmonic humanity. I acknowledge that the spiritual foundation of the Indigenous world-view is the ancient understanding of the fundamental oneness and unity of all life. I wish to deepen my understanding, and to innovate heart-centered, planetary governance with all domains of life, visible and invisible. In gratitude.

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve (Vreeland , 2020-12-24)


I love this sacted jewel of a planet and I
recognize, support, and uphold this International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth and commit to share this light work and love with all our brothers and sisters to uphold.
Blessings to all life 🙏🏼🕊

Barbara AllinBloom (Waco, 2020-12-24)


I fully support all of this except as a disabled person, I must use cars

Emmett McNeil (Canada, 2020-12-24)


The spiritual foundation of the Indigenous world-view is the ancient understanding of the fundamental oneness and unity of all life. Therefore, all members of the Human Family are a part of the Sacred Circle of Life. Since all members of the Human Family are a part of the Sacred Circle of Life, we are all Indigenous Peoples of our Mother Earth. Therefore, every Human Being is responsible for the well-being of one another and all living things on our Mother Earth.

Connie Baxter Marlow (Loveland, CO, 2020-12-24)


Please helps save our precious planet for future generations.

Laura Rose (Sedona, AZ, 2020-12-24)


I believe in this cause

Antti Pennanen (Helsinki, 2020-12-24)



Chris Gorin (Vancouver , 2020-12-24)


It hurts me every day to feel what is happening. We need to change now.

Frankie Hill (Waiheke Island, 2020-12-24)


I’m signing because we are all ONE human family, and am committed from my birth to our Mother Earth, in deepest Gratitude to All.
Peace Shall Prevail on Earth,
Which starts from each of our insides, whomever and wherever we are. This is all about the greatest Peace acceleration ever, and I thank Chief Brother Phil Lane Jr. and all involved in this peaceful circuitous route of the global/Universal Mission Gang of Light which is thank God prevailing, honoring all beings on Earth, and all Christ-like deities and Boddisatvas, all within our Creator. The Walk of Beauty 💜🌈✨🤍

Eve Harrison (NYC, 2020-12-24)


Belief in the spirit of these words and invited by Chief Phil Lane Jr.

James Hanusa (Gilbert, 2020-12-24)


We need to shift our way of living to be one with our natural environment and start thinking about health and prosperity for ALL living beings.

Jessie Lightburn (Courtenay , 2020-12-24)


I believe in the Sanctity of the Earth

Dwaine Perry (Hillburn , 2020-12-24)


The indigenous peoples of the world have lived in harmony with Mother Earth since time memorial and hold a deep and profound understanding and connection to plants, animals and all creation as the Sacred Circle of Life. It is time now to fully respect and honor the ancient wisdom of the ancestors as the Union of the Condor of the South and the Eagle of the North is now manifested. May Peace Prevail On Earth

Fumi Johns (San Francisco, 2020-12-24)


we're supposed to protect & cherish EarthMother xoxoxo

Amy Rigg (Buchanan, 2020-12-24)


I reaffirm my commitment to the International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth. In Jesus' name, I confirm my willingness to move forward together with all my relations around the world taking actions on each of the Articles contained herein. I dedicate myself to increasing the efficacy of individual and collective Personal Responsibility, Compassion, and Service to others in the efforts towards this great work, and I vow to support and empower all Allies contributing to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization®. May all be free of pain and suffering, and may Peace prevail on Earth.

Ingrid Fortmeyer (East Selah, 2020-12-24)


I am signing because Iso love this beautiful earth and all the creatures living on it and in the air above it. The earth itself is a part of the most beautiful solar system. I wish that our earth recovers from all the desecration and degradation she has received, and that all nations support her recovery for surely without that, there is no life on earth.

annette fry (London, 2020-12-24)


We are the United Planet.
I am a Gaian.
On my honor, I commit to a thriving civilization in harmony with all life.

Lucian Tarnowski (Ibiza, 2020-12-24)


The dominant parts of capitalistic human society are mentally ill. Many indigenous people continue to put Mother Earth before human greed.

Mark Boiko (Vancouver, 2020-12-24)


We are One!

Susan George (Basalt, 2020-12-24)


In support of my fellow indigenous brothers and sisters.
Standing on the shoulders of my indigenous ancestors.
For our common future generations. Of all life 💚🌍

Jan Van de Venis (Utrecht , 2020-12-24)


I'm signing because I am a member of the Human Family are a part of the Sacred Circle of Life. Since serving humanity for the betterment of Human Family are a part of the Sacred Circle of Life, we are all Indigenous Peoples of our Mother Earth. Therefore, every Human Being is responsible for the well-being of one another and all living things on our Mother Earth.

Osman Felix Cole (Freetown, 2020-12-24)


I am signing because I love the earth and all of its children – the animal kingdom, plant kingdom, mineral kingdom, crawlies above and below the ground, finned ones, winged ones, the sacred water, air and earth. Living in harmony with life will create heaven on earth for all to thrive in.

Teresa Lynne (Port Coquitlam, 2020-12-24)



Corinne Stone (Mission, 2020-12-24)


Signing this petition affirms my committment to the future of humanity and the Earth, which go hand in hand for the well being off all, our birthright.

Tammy Molina (Niskayuna, 2020-12-24)


I’m signing because I stand with Mother Earth, unity and a thriving world for all Life.

Jean Pauley (Seattle, 2020-12-25)


The time is now. 🙏💖

Arianna Serenity (Denver, 2020-12-25)


These statements represent my own core convictions and beleifs.

Gary Boivin (Prescott, 2020-12-25)


Mitakiyupi, Aho! Aho!

Daniel Ciranny (Fall City, 2020-12-25)


I believe that all humans are a part of the Sacred Circle of Life.

Diane Read (North Vancouver, 2020-12-25)


I made a pledge to myself many years ago to do everything and anything I can to make a better future for All My Relations.

Patricia White (Lee Creek , 2020-12-25)


Yes, I believe and support these words.

Sandra Greene (Vancouver, 2020-12-25)


The Preamble.......

Teri M Bergstrom (Big River, 2020-12-25)


I am the founder of Heal Our Mother Earth. Im am Native American and saving and protecting our Mother Earth is crucial for us to do.

Angela Loya (Big Rapids, 2020-12-25)


If we would survive and support the sacred earth and all life we
Must act now.

Andrea Slominski (Santa Clarita, 2020-12-25)


It's the right thing to do for our great Mother we are the hope for change

Patricia Perkins (Boaz, 2020-12-25)


It is the Right Way.

Joie Bourisseau (Swansea, 2020-12-25)


Mother Earth is my home, The place my soles feel the earth.

Dusty Brennan Lavin (Port Elizabeth, 2020-12-26)


Hau' Mitakuye Oyas'in
all my relatives
All Standing Elders, 4 legged, winged, Ocean life, Sacred Water, Mni Wiconì
Grandfather Sun
The Star Nation
Wakan Tanka Tunkasìla 🙏🏽

With Eternal Love and Gratitude
For All That Is, Everywhere ✨💜✨

One 💜 ∞💚🌎

Keya Pralat (Gex, 2020-12-26)


I am signing to show my alignment with the values, purpose, integrity and dignity of this Treaty which is reflective of my own intuition, reflection & world-view for decades, though articulated with clarity, beauty and simplicity.

I also feel that the conscious and deliberate formation of a plan of action on the level of Mind, Spirit & heart will help to guide next actions to restore and protect Earth Mother.

The organization I founded, A Better World Foundation Unlimited, Inc. is committed to this sacred stewardship.

Mitchell Rabin (New York, 2020-12-26)


I am standing in support of thia call to action to sustain, protect, and evolve with the sacred beliefs and practices of all indigenous peoples.

Jessica Klunder (Kinnelon, 2020-12-26)


I live here.

Joseph McCluskey (Longmont, 2020-12-26)


I'm signing because I care about mother earth and my human family.

Judith Wong (Montreal, 2020-12-26)


Because I love my mother!

Heidi Scheck (Seattle , 2020-12-26)


I believe in humanity coming together for true unity and harmony of our precious planet and all for the well-being of all that dwell here.

Evan Schulte (Sarasota , 2020-12-26)


"So powerful is the Light of Unity that it can illuminate the whole Earth."
"The Earth is but one country and mankind its citizens. " ~Baha'u'llah
The time has come. <3

Nathalie Fradin (Tienen, 2020-12-26)


I'm signing because I believe a return to the indigenous perspective of the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life is the only way we can prevent our own self-destruction and create a respectful and sustainable way of living on this planet!

Maya Shaw Gale (Carpinteria, 2020-12-26)


It is important to be heard!

Carolyn Winters (Middleton, ID , 2020-12-26)


I am signing in support and for a new Beginning on our beloved Mother Earth

Odile Simin Hinrichs (Vejer de la Frontera, 2020-12-26)


I believe in saving mother earth

Zella Hawkins (Waitsburg Washington , 2020-12-26)


I sign because I can think of nothing more true, good and beautiful to be affirming than this message encoded and named here.

Sheri Herndon (Vashon, 2020-12-27)


I am signing because it is long over due for the whole world to save the whole world.

Odey von Nostitz (Escondido, 2020-12-27)


Aborigines were the best ecospiritual stewards of the planet for tens of thousands of years!!!

David Han (Waco, 2020-12-27)


I would like to see this succeed.

Peter SMITH (Southampton, 2020-12-27)


I recognize that I am in relationship with all that is

Cody Wiggs (Golden, 2020-12-27)


I’m signing because this is the right thing to do.

Melissa Howey (Austin , 2020-12-27)


Mother Earth is Sacred

cynthia Lebo (Merced, 2020-12-27)


My Spirit compels me.

Brandi Chanthathep (Kahului, 2020-12-27)


I care, and I am supporting Mother Earth from human predators.

Nilda Aguero Munoz (rancho palos verdes, 2020-12-27)


I believe in a better world for all living beings.

Gabriela Flores (Kailua-Kona, 2020-12-27)


I'm signing because I support Human Justice and Planetary Harmony. I'm signing because I support the Sustainability of Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Nicole Sinisgalli (Barnesville, 2020-12-28)


I stand body and soul in alignment with all statements made in this Treaty and commit to embody them and share them in all ways I am able.

Samantha Sweetwater (Mill Valley, 2020-12-28)


I'm signing because I sympathise with Indigeneous world view and revere the Earth as a living entity to be guarded not exploited.

Morgana Sythove (ZEIST, 2020-12-28)


I believe these words are true

Karen Murphy (Nanaimo, 2020-12-28)


I am here to causate transformation toward greater stewardship of this planet.

Andrew Powell (Phoenix, 2020-12-28)


We are visitors on earth, and responsible for behaving in a harmonious loving way

John Hogendoorn (Maarn, 2020-12-28)


I'm signing because I'm indigenous and have been taught the care of Mother Earth and the people.

Paulette Wood (Fairmont, 2020-12-28)


feels like we must learn from those who libe close to the Earth

Cathy Roberts (Piedmont , 2020-12-28)


Public unity for the civilized conscious peoples is critical at this time for moving forward...

Rafael Rivera (St. Petersburg , 2020-12-29)


I sign to To support global unity to protect our rights as the human family to stand united in defiance and direct action against the corporate insanity to remove our human dignity and control us and manipulate our environment to our detriment

Oriol Heperi (Te Awamutu 3800, 2020-12-29)


I am signing because of its importance to share our understanding, our new understanding and our future learning of basic principles of living.

Rebecca Allen (Lockhart, 2020-12-29)


We should respect all life form on our precious Earth, wich means we should support vegan organic farming to protect lives and live in harmony with eachother.

Edit Szóráth (Budapest , 2020-12-29)


This our only choice and the only direction we can head in.

Arielle Threlkeld (Seattle, 2020-12-29)


This is always how it should have remained

Liz Todd (Oshawa , 2020-12-29)


I'm a member of human family, dedicating my life and energy to healing and developing the web of relationships that make our world and the way we live with Mother Earth.

gretchen getsinger (Torrington, 2020-12-29)


It’s the right thing to do. To work towards a civilization of greater harmony, integrity and coherence. One of greater belonging. One of greater compassion, empathy and care for other.

GUENTER BERGMANN (Austin, 2020-12-29)


I am signing because P love my planet and it is being destroyed

Juliet Formby (London, 2020-12-30)


I'm signing because it is our right to choose to live in Hozho ( Peace, Beauty, Balance, and Harmony ) upon mother earth and under universal father sky. In order to live this way we all need to do our part in saving our mother earth and universal father sky, we all as a Nihokaa Dine'h Bi'la'ish dlaii ( Earth Surface People ) need clean water, clean air, and a clean environment to live in Hozho

Wayne Wilson (Pine Springs, Navajo Nation, AZ, 2020-12-30)


I am in deep gratitude reading this mist Caring statement that says everything I have seen occur in 2020. To be saying, ignorance is a way of harm to Mother Earth. I am a willing channel who is guided by the Light of Seven who have walked Australia land with a white woman in a very mind filled way now willingly channeling messages of how we all must be very able to take a new step into awareness about where our everything we have around us actually comes from. All from Mother Earth. All. And All are needed to please please please be the ones altering every aspect of a life lived very well in my Country, Australia.
I am signing this because it is the absolute way to offer Loving Care to Mother Earth, in a very very loving statement offered by the Indigenous people of nations that are now feeling the firm Love way of Ultimate Care offered in a very very well felt series of clear statements that offer Ultimate Care to Earth as the provider.
Deep Gratitude to you the ones who have written this so very ably. Deep Gratitude.
Heart is here in this very way Love for Earth is the priority and it is this priority that can alter every way we live well in the modern world.
So grateful to be reading this this day that is a near end day that Love has entered a being who has not felt deep Love until this day, a rare Upland Wetland received rain again. The rain has been continual and is a new rain pattern of high need in a area now being threatened by Groundwater that isn't mentioned in a statement. Aquifers please include please. Aquifers please include as a subsurface water land that is needing the highest degree of Love felt for the aquifer way Mother Earth can be feeling well watered if Aquifers are able to be able. Please add aquifers. Please.
Ali Cairns
Signed Light Being that is a Light Bringer via Spirit in the form saying allow voice heard. Allow voice speaking to anyone not seen. Allow the new and many new ways white people can assist the Light Being Bringer Way the white people do have within their field that is disallowed due to judgement of the hearer, seer, viewer, and the willing ones honouring Spirit as a inner guidance heard.
Light Being Bringer Way is a tool of Light we use now. It is from a modality called Life Alignment. Jeff Levin. A South African shaman he is spreading the Power of Love to many now. This Light Being Bringer man has a tool of need for a very special human creation. This message. The damage done to Earth by technology is a serious issue in Australia. New Zealand and it is 5G field technology coming into places where many do not know it is set up quietly now. We are asking for technology to be created using Ancient Measurements, not metric. The disharmony created by metric has altered the entire Nature field of mathematical precision that is vital in creating harmonics, which are Nature sounds we cannot hear because they are Universal and not available to too many. Children will need shield care from this 5 G field please know. It is impacting Pineal as the Master Gland that offers the child awareness of the senses that can sense any imbalances, or disharmony. 5G is a very unsuitable technology. We say Ancient Measurements must become the way we measure. 1 foot =. 1 inch =.


Ali Cairns (Guyra, 2020-12-30)


We've done so much damage to our Mother Earth already. There is no time to be wasted. We must course-correct.

Tsukuru Fors (Los Angeles, 2020-12-31)


These are lofty goals and they can only be achieved gradually, and we ith cooperation, but I would like we to see movement towards their manifestation.

Lawrence Schwartz (Sunnyside, NY, 2021-01-01)


If we don't look after our planet, then the generations to follow will not have an Earth to enjoy as we have

George De Bono (Melbourne, 2021-01-02)


It is time! the Earth and her lifeforms have suffered enough under the governance of lawbreakers: thieves, liars and murders. The Original caretakers alongside those with heart and basic goodness have a birthright to care for and enjoy the garden. Let those Trusted First Nation Original Peoples have a Turn - to Turn this ongoing Physcotic Ecocide Around

Ruth Forsythe (Coffs Harbour, 2021-01-02)


One day it will be back too late if we don't enact change now..

Desley Condon (Georgica, 2021-01-02)


I’m signing because I resonate and believe in these tenets expressed herein. I am committed to serving life and our great Mother Earth as a member of our great human family.

Porangui McGrew (Sedona, 2021-01-02)


We have to preserve nature for us and our future generations

Isabel Aoki (Ventura, 2021-01-03)


I love the earth, beloved pachamama... I belong to my soulfamily, beloved indigious brothers and sisters.. I will protect life and help others do it... I want Conciousness arising together with love so that we cocreate in love❣️

Gabriele Guth (Bleicherode, 2021-01-03)


Im signing this petition because I am tired of seeing the effects of the destruction of our planet. I am tired of the abuses of power against human rights and dignity of people. I want to create a different world for the children of my children and so on. It is time to stop the spreading of war and fear between us. For those reasons I stand in unity with my brothers and sisters all around the world for a united and loving world!

Melissa Gomez (MAWSON, 2021-01-04)

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