VNMS Desplazó De Maestra Ms García



We also need PE teachers to adequately teach our students the importance of exercising and what damages it can cause to our bodies health wise.

Denise Zubia (Van Nuys, 2021-05-18)


Parent of 7th grader

Elias Orizco (Van Nuys, 2021-05-23)


I’m signing because I went to van nuys middle school and I know how much she means to a lot of kids she is really sweet

Fatima Flores (Van nuys , 2021-06-03)


I'm signing because I had her for 7th pe and she was the best pe teacher we have for pe she give the students hope to achieve pe and make you push though mrs Garcia was the best pe teacher dont dispatch her that's messed up

Kevin Perez (Van nuys , 2021-06-03)


I want to support her:)

Natalie Esparza (Lancaster , 2021-06-03)


I’m signing this because Ms. Garcia used to be my teacher. I had bad grades for all my classes until she was that one teacher who stepped in and helped me. I didn’t want the help but she still did. She changes the PE community and she was the reason I was happy to go to school. Even though our class had fun we still got our work done. She managed to help her classes have fun and get their work done at the same time. Most reasons kids don’t do their work is because their class is boring or the teacher has kind of weird rules in the class. You guys will regret the decision you guys are making about placing her somewhere else.

Ahmaad Kerr (Los Angeles , 2021-06-03)


I’m singing this because this amazing teacher deserves to stay for the kids to come up with this idea to make her a petition she must be heart warming let her stay!!

Perla Carrillo (Indianapolis , 2021-06-04)


Because she doesn’t deserve to transfer :((

Natalie Mejia (Texas, 2021-06-04)


I’m singing this pettit on because I could really like her to stay.

Ana Guerrero (Chicago , 2021-06-04)


Ms gracia doesn’t deserve to leave the school she’s a great teacher

Mariana Leon (Los Angeles, 2021-06-04)


I’m signing this because she needs to be displace.

Karen Rubio (Los Angeles, 2021-06-04)


This was my grand daughters Pe teacher , amazing young lady. This school needs more like her. Please don’t escort her .

Gabriella Aguilar (Los Angeles, 2021-06-04)


I’m doing this because a lot of students will miss her and she’s a great teacher and she makes everyone smile.

Daisy V (Los Angeles, 2021-06-04)


i’m signing this because she a really good teacher and she’s really knows how to take care of kids.

Estefani Santos (Van nuys , 2021-06-04)


To help

Raymond Sanchez (Los Angeles, 2021-06-04)


I’m signing this form because they my school wants to transfer Ms Garcia which is one of the best teachers I’ve had and I really want her to stay!!!

Xiomara Ramirez (Van nuys , 2021-06-04)


I’m signing because this amazing teacher deserves to stay, everyone loves her sincerely .

Jazmine Vargas (Denver, 2021-06-04)


Because no teacher should be transferred all the kids love her

Mary Crawford (Oklahoma City, 2021-06-04)


this teacher is one of the best i’ve ever had. please let her stay

jemina ramirez (van nuys , 2021-06-04)


Lorena Navarro

Lorena Navarro (Arleta, 2021-06-04)


It is ethically and morally correct to reinstate a qualified staff if there is no wrong doing. Mrs. Garcia is my niece’s PE teacher and this has affected my niece and her fellow students.

Lorena Lopez (North Hollywood , 2021-06-04)


I’m signing because I knew her when she was first starting and she was super sweet and loving!!

Caroline Ortiz (Sherman Oaks, 2021-06-04)


I’m signing because Ms. Garcia deserves to stay with her students where she teaches best.

Bella Mokhtari (Los Angeles , 2021-06-04)


i’m signing because she’s an amazing teacher and shouldn’t be transferred

Nycole Cea (Van Nuys , 2021-06-04)


keep her :)

Valeria Cena (El paso, 2021-06-04)


She is a good teacher who cares for her student.

Milagro Galdamez (Van Nuys, 2021-06-04)


she worked hard for this job and they are trying to fire her for some who is close to the principal without an interview and its not fair

soup bastian (las angles, 2021-06-04)


cosa sadd keep her !!

bryan garcia (Los Angeles, 2021-06-04)


I’m signing because my daughter has miss Garcia and she’s is great teacher

Yolanda Mendez (Van Nuys , 2021-06-04)


My Grand daughters (Giselle Lopez) teacher was amazing and helped her through a lot . We need more teachers like her .

Jhonny Aguilar (Los Angeles, 2021-06-04)


I’m signing to support a friend

Jesiah Gastelum (Murrieta , 2021-06-04)


i’m signing this cause i know mrs garcia she’s a great pe teacher and she deserves to stay.

Ariyahn Williams (Van Nuys, 2021-06-04)


I’m signing this because I want Mrs. Garcia to keep her job

Lindsay Infanzon (Can nuys, 2021-06-04)


she’s has a vaccine 😍🙏🏽

Haley Torres (Dallas, 2021-06-04)


I’m signing in because we need ms.Garcia to stay in the school.

Ashley Yanez (Hawaiian Gardens , 2021-06-04)


We want this teacher to stay and not get replaced

Alondra Perez (98848, 2021-06-04)


I’m signing because she is a amazing person and a great pe teacher

Helena Huerta (Van nuys , 2021-06-05)


I’m signing because ms.garcía is a great teacher for van nuys middle school and is very supportive.

Samantha Jimenez (Los Angles , 2021-06-05)


Keep her . Very good teacher .

Jacob Cervantes (Kansas City , 2021-06-05)


i want a teacher too stay

emely garay (san fernando, 2021-06-07)


cause this teacher clearly means so much to kids .

lorelai azevedo (san jose , 2021-06-07)


I want to keep this teacher at the school

Jennifer Robles (Van Nuys, 2021-06-07)


i’m signing because ms.garcía was one of my favorite teachers

margaret mejia (vanuys , 2021-06-08)


I’m signing because I want to help my friends out and help the school.

Madison Abernathy (Villa Rica, 2021-06-08)


She is my teacher

Jorge Montnegro (Alabama, 2021-06-08)


Ms.Garcia is an amazing teacher! She is an amazing teacher with such a positive attitude. She was my teacher when she barley came to Vnms which was 2-3 years ago. When I first met Ms.Garcia she was always with such a positive attitude and just the vibes are good !

Diego Chavez (Van Nuys, 2021-06-08)


im signing this because ms.garcía is a very nice and humble teacher and i think i learn a lot with her

Fernanda Gonzalez (van nuys , 2021-06-08)


I’m signing this petition because Ms Garcia has played a special roll for all students at thus middle school

Samantha Gracian (Hawaiian gardens , 2021-06-08)

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