Involucrar a la gente en los sínodos del Papa Francisco



I support Pope Francis whole-heartedly in his desire to engage the whole people of God.

Patricia Neate (London, 2021-07-31)


I'm signing because I can no longer accept the Catholic Church as it has evolved. I now pray to Christ who began our Faith but did not include the manner in which it has evolved. I have learned that the Church that we know began to evolve at least 1,000 years later and was totally delivered by men who did not marry and did not include women.

Clare Hunt (Dublin, 2021-07-31)


The Church has strayed and needs to get back on mission and reflect its true role. We also owe it to those who have left and are leaving the Church in droves, particularly young people, and again become relevant to the times we live in, the needs we have, and the new understandings we have gained.

John Costa (Melbourne, 2021-07-31)


I want my church to move.

Egon Weiss (Fraunberg, 2021-07-31)


I hope to be part of this process

Mary Grey (Andover, 2021-07-31)


I’m signing because I am convinced the clerical class needs to hear the voices of all the people of God.

John Dearie Sr. (Roswell, Ga, 2021-07-31)


This is very important to /for the future of our church. Please listen to all of US

Geri Jwanouskos (St paul minnesota, 2021-07-31)


I believe in the synodal process and the moving forward of our Church on certain critical issues.

Carol Harris (Louisville, 2021-07-31)


I am deeply committed to the Catholic Church becasue this is how I came to know God. Most of my hereos have been and are here. I loe th Mass and Sacraments, but I think that we have to move beyond the present cleracalism and learn to better hear Jesus and live the Gopels.

Kathryn Johnson (Raleigh, 2021-07-31)


I care

Laurene OBrien (Clifton park ny, 2021-07-31)


I would like to contribute to the discussion, to hear opinions and insights that can broaden my horizon and hopefully, contribute to the understanding of others by sharing my own.

Valerie Warren (Tallaght, 2021-07-31)


I am fully behind the proposals made in the letter

Willy Schoofs (Genk, 2021-07-31)


I believe in Lay participation in Church deliberations.

Mary Anne Maldonado (Guaynabo, 2021-07-31)


I believe all that is written in this petition from the depths of my being! We have lost so much that Vatican II enabled - and we desperately need to get it back before this patriarchal hierarchy smothers us all. We need to pray for those who stand in the way of Pope Francis’ efforts to bring us back much more closely to what Jesus had envisioned!
Thank you for this initiative!

Mary E. Williams (Cincinnati, 2021-07-31)


The peoples voice is often missing from the conversations that affect them...they have insights about their church, their futures and are the ones who are out in society, in the world seeing the issues that impact the world and all the people. Give them the opportunity to share and be a part of the Church's future.

Barb Smith (St. Louis, 2021-07-31)


This is a justice cause.

Felix Kryzanowski (Regina, 2021-07-31)


I'm signing because this is such a wonderful wake up call for the church before it is too late.

Valerie Godlieb (Macclesfield, 2021-07-31)


The Church is too hierarchical and all people need to be involved and heard. There too great a divide between clergy and laity, men and women and races.

Sylvia Gwilliam (Droitwich, 2021-07-31)


Not only men in robes congregate the church. Let us join in the discussion.

N Diane Prince (Fruitvale, BC, 2021-07-31)


Changes have to be made!

Marion Evans (Ottawa, 2021-07-31)


We are the Church. The hierarchy needs to listen to the Church!

Paula Hoeffer (Cincinnati, 2021-07-31)


I am signing because I believe in an evolutionary Church; that Jesus expects and guides us to change in order to grow. I believe our young people are underscoring this understanding.

Harry Bury (St Paul, 2021-07-31)


I believe the church needs to be more inclusive and listen to the laity

Lee Hemminger (Littleton , 2021-07-31)


I am signing this in order that the Holy Spirit might be heard and followed in the Catholic Church and to support Pope Francis's leadership.

William Manseau (TEWKSBURY, 2021-07-31)


It is very important that the leaders of the church hear from all their members.

Mary Pampalk (Vienna, 2021-07-31)


Because it makes sense to involve lay people who are the church, who’s voices, wisdom & experiences are valid expressions of God’s presence in all things.

Sara King (Ann Arbor, 2021-07-31)


I'm signing because I want to see Pope Francis vision of the church happen. I want us to be the church the world needs now.

Maureen Mohrbacher (Tacoma, 2021-07-31)


I know too many peope who were raised catholic and no longer attend Mass. They don't feel welcome so have found other ways to commune with Go than through the Catholic Church.

In order to be the church modeled by Jesus and early Christians, the bishops need to hear all of our voices.

Katherine DuGarm (St. Paul, 2021-07-31)


I want to see the renewed spirit of Vatican 11, that started so strongly but has been stifled and left Catholics disillusioned and lost.
We have a Christ-liike leader....lets follow him with faith and trust in God, who is LOVE.

Pat Mearns (Salmon ARm, 2021-07-31)


Thje hierarchy seems more interested in contrul than demonstrating that love is the essence of christianity.

Michael Burke (Cork, 2021-07-31)


I don't receive communion because I can't say Amen to what the institution practices. It seems a time that in order to be a prophetic witness, I must walk away.

Sue Kachorek (Clarkston, 2021-07-31)


as a gay catholic, the Church has no more meaning for me because of all its anti gay statements and rules

Don McGuire (Regina, 2021-07-31)


I am concerned and have been for decades about the loss of our young people. I'm also concerned about the resurgence of the anti-Vatican II element in our hierarchy. Thirdly and most importantly I'm concerned about the continued loss of and increasing age of priests. It makes our Church unsustainable.

CHARLES COLLINS (Seven Fields, 2021-07-31)


I believe strongly in these proposed changes

Elizabeth Perrott (TYWYN, 2021-07-31)


We are the people of God on a journey and all our voices must be heard

Rita Parr (Reading, 2021-07-31)


Ik teken omdat ik me betrokken voel bij onze kerkgemeenschap en er van overtuigd ben dat ook in de toekomst de kerk van essentieel belang is voor het geloof en geluk van vele mensen

Thea van der Werf Feenstra (Hattem, 2021-07-31)


I'm very upset that after all the sexual abuse issues, all the denial that women should be allowed to be leaders and minister to people, that there are still ultra conservative old men in leadership roles in the church, along with a multitude of other problems that keep the church from being loving and inclusive as was taught by Jesus, that clerical feet are still dragging and creating political divides where there should be NONE!! Pope Francis is the best reformer we Catholics have had in an unbelievably time. Stop gagging us an let us speak. It is our Church too!!

Mary Pamela Captain (Rochester, 2021-07-31)


It is essential that the bishops hear from the people since we are all the Body of Christ and have something to the building up that Body.

Barbara Linton (Stamford, 2021-07-31)


I’m signing because we are ALL the Church and should have a voice.

God bless!

Mary Linton (New Yorki, 2021-07-31)


I'm signing this petition because I think that synodality is the only way that we can bring real reform in the church. Let the church's mission lead the way, as Pope Francis says, not the church's self-preservation

STEPHEN BEVANS (Chicago, 2021-07-31)


It's time.

Jean Stokes (Flemington, 2021-07-31)


I need a loving church.

Patrick Kelly (Woodbury,MN, 2021-07-31)


Too many serious Catholics are leaving the Church: fed up with political positions in support of a despicable former president; fed up with the unequal treatment of women; fed up with the ignorance of the tenets of Vatican II or with the pillars of social justice upon which the Church rests; fed up with clerical abuses; fed up with the new conservatism being pushed, i.e., Latin Mass, Eucharist on the tongue, altar rails..... Is the Church begging to implode?

Pam Sloane (old greenwich, 2021-07-31)


I was heartened by Pope Francis’s comments to the Italian bishops (May 24) that the Synod must have a “bottom-up” focus with the process beginning in small, local communities and parishes. He called for patience, allowing all to speak freely, giving space to “the wisdom of the People of God.”

Réjeanne Martin (Montréal, 2021-07-31)


It's critical that lay people are involved!

Gloria Callaci (Evanston, 2021-07-31)


If the people are not given a voice - and heard the church will continue to wither and die and deservedly so. The wrong-doers are still in charge and the child abuse and cover-ups continue. Also, for how much longer are the women going to be “kept in their place?”

Monica O’Brien (Mudgee, 2021-07-31)


Our voices NEED to be heard!!

Catherine Gurnee (Farmington Hills, 2021-07-31)


A synodal church means listening and open to change

Penelope Middelboe (Oxford , 2021-07-31)


I read the Bible daily and know that the early church kept alive Jesus' message by having small, self-governing communities. We should get back to them. Surely by now, Christians have learnt by bitter experience that the great Catholic layperson, John Acton, was correct in his judgement that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

David Pincus (Brisbane, 2021-07-31)


I am signing this petition because I fully agree with the contents of the petition to Pope Francis and I also believe that if and until the faithful has full access to participate in the upcoming synod, the positive change in the Catholic Church will remain a far cry.

Rosaline Costa (East Elmhust, 2021-07-31)


I'm signing because I believe that the Church will not continue unless it moves away from its present hierarchical structure to a synodal structure as championed by Pope Francis.

Ian Fraser (Eltham, 2021-08-01)


The church is the people of God not just the hierarchy.

Ian Eggleston (BORONIA;VIC, 2021-08-01)


I'm afraid that my bishop has shown little interest in synodality - very comfortable with an autocratic role.

Peter Johnstone (Doncaster East, 2021-08-01)


The Church hierarchy must listen and follow what members of the Catholic Church are saying

John McLennan (Caulfield South, 2021-08-01)


I'm signing because it is time for the hierarchy to listen to the people in the pews. We are the church also and our views should be made known through a local synod.

Ruth Kolpack (Beloit, WI, USA, 2021-08-01)


I love being a Catholic, but hate so many of the crazy rules. Times have changed and the Church needs to change, too. If it doesn’t change, we will keep losing members.

Rosemary H. Smith (Louisville, 2021-08-01)


The Church I grew up in is gone. The Church is now ruled by bishops who tell us everything and anything they think we should think and do. The laity exists only to execute the directives of the bishops. How tragic.

Michael Wautier (Tucson, 2021-08-01)


At Pope Francis request for a bottom up approach.

Maree Sobolewski (Albury , 2021-08-01)


I’m signing because I want women priests, married clergy and religious, third rite reconciliation and welcoming of everyone present to receive the Eucharist.

Leonie Walsh (Carlton 3053, 2021-08-01)


this church needs help and I have a scintilla of hope left for it.

therese ragen (nyack, 2021-08-01)


The hierarchy needs to listen, very carefully, to the needs of the faithful, the Church. Otherwise, many more will leave their parishes.

Brian Klubek (Murphysboro, 2021-08-01)


The upcoming Plenary Council has not allowed for enough lay people to participate in meaningful ways and to have any real say in decision making. People continue to vote with their feet and as a life long Catholic I worry about the future and relevance of our church in people’s lives today.

Kathryn Murray (Wangaratta , 2021-08-01)


the church needs to come into the 21 Century Regardless of your Religion your color or sex Jesus welcomed all when He said Come as you are. Let us all come together in unity peace in living out Jesus message Love your God of your understanding and Love your neighbour as yourself

john allen (Kensington, 2021-08-01)


The Church needs to change in order that it returns to it's Christian Philosophy and roots and what better way to change than to listen to the Lay people

Kevin Doherty (Collaroy Plateau, 2021-08-01)


The current state of affairs cannot continue.

Wendy McCreath (Scarborough, 2021-08-01)


The Church established by Jesus, Paul and Stephen in Acts was an inclusive, equal community where every part of Mystical Body interacted with every other part. This was affirmed by Vatican 2 as we are a Church of the baptized not just the ordained. I

Wayne McGough (Forest Hill, Victoria , 2021-08-01)


I hope to see achurch that I have been faithful to over a lifetime listen to the voices of those who understand that there is need for change. Relevance is utmost

Marie Hall (Melbourne, 2021-08-01)


We need to hear from ALL the People of God. (Spoiler - most of us are Women.)

Alice Hogan (Arlington, 2021-08-01)


I think that this is a very important initiative

Lesley Frescura (Durban, 2021-08-01)


Doesn't the church needs a boost in those times, especially in the Netherlands? They need a shepherd!

Theo Prijs (Almelo, 2021-08-01)


the Church needs reform in many ways

Margaret Bott (Ottawa, 2021-08-01)


I'm signing because I believe synodality is meaningless unless a synod properly represents those who are affected by its deliberations and decisions.

Laurence Woods (Hazelbrook, 2021-08-01)


I believe the Catholic Church, with the exception of some exceptional members, is becoming a relic, failing to respond to the needs of people today.

Deanna Spatz (Cincinnati, 2021-08-01)


The Catholic Church is the People of God. For too long, the wisdom and spiritual gifts of all the people have been downplayed or overlooked by the hierarchy. We need to hear all voices to once again be a vibrant faith community.

Joanne Corey (Vestal, 2021-08-02)


I’m signing because by my Baptism I believe my voice should be heard as one of “The People if God!”

Bobbie Moore (Louisville, 2021-08-02)


The church is all of us so we all need to be invoked in the synod not only priests and church administrators.

Jennifer Barker (Louisville, 2021-08-02)


I feel the hierarchy of the church has no understanding of the needs of the congregation, that which makes the church what it is. We, the congregation, want and need the church to move into the 21st century.
The archaic attitude of the bishops and cardinals are driving people away from the doors of our churches.
Women are still treated as second class citizens, yet they are the mainstay of the church. They perform many of the duties of the laity, yet are not seen as fit to perform the most sacred ritual of the mass. Declining vocations amongst men could be compensated for by inviting women to the priesthood.
The church accepted married CofE ministers to perform the mass when it suited them. It’s time to allow priests to be married in order to ensure the church moves forward. It’s an outdated policy in today’s world not to allow this. As is not allowing women to be priests.
The churches attitude to divorce and homosexuality is just wrong.
It is encouraging division, bigotry and hatred by it’s attitude.
The church needs to be led by modern, forward thinking individuals, of both sexes. Or it will cease to exist.
The pandemic has shown that we, the people, can worship in our own homes. We missed the Eucharist and our fellow worshipers but at least felt welcomed in a way, I must say, my own priest doesn’t make my family feel.
I pray 🙏 that God will be in the heart of those responsible for looking at change. That they will put aside their own prejudices for the good of the church and it’s congregation.

Nina Chidgey (Sale, 2021-08-02)


I believe that it is important to hear the voices of all who seek to follow Christ- women, men, young, old, lay or ordained.

Terry Phillips (Liv , 2021-08-02)


I’m signing because I am disillusioned with our Catholic Church. Women who are the largest cohort attending our local Catholic Parish and carry out many of the activities are being sidelined throughout the world. Our parish is very ecumenical but that isn’t the norm in most parishes in our diocese or indeed the world.

Marie Richards-Cochrane (Kooringal, 2021-08-02)


I'm signing this petition because too often in the past too many voices have not been included in synods and synodal reflections have not drawn upon the breadth of experience of the faithful.

John Sullivan (Hightown, Liverpool, 2021-08-02)


The Paedaphile Crisis

Terence O'Donnell (Rowville, 2021-08-02)


The Church needs renewal and to be open more fully to the Holy Spirit and the leadership of Popw Francis.

Dot Malone (Baltimore, 2021-08-02)


the Church is the Church of us all not just of those who are male and ordained

Brian McKittrick (Dingley Village, 2021-08-03)


I love the Church! I want to see the doors opened wide to ALL who need her. Less orthodoxy, more orthopraxy!

Joan Shanahan (Louisville, 2021-08-03)


i care deeply for the
church and know it is the People of God/ the
Body of Christ who kissed and sealed by the Holy Spirit has lived wisdom to share in consultation with the whole church who must be given voice on the signs of the times, the issues of the day and the discernment of God's will on earth as it is in heaven

deni Mack (Rochester, 2021-08-03)


we MUST support the Pope's vision of a grassroots focus. How has it happened that the faithful are no longer allowed to speak freely, and the bishops no longer wish to hear?

Mary Ring (Cardiff, 2021-08-03)


The Church must include women fully before we all either decide to worship elsewhere or bring our demands before the altar

Paula Sayers (Germantown, 2021-08-03)


I am a conscientious objector Catholic who has chosen exile from the malignant Roman institution.

William Weiskopf (Lutz, 2021-08-04)


I continue to be a practicing Catholic in my church and am involved in the liturgy as a lector. However, I feel though my local priest is extremely welcoming, the Roman Catholic Church is not as evidenced by many of its stands on various issues. It hurts me greatly as I have family members who no longer practice the faith since they are not welcomed due to their sexual or gender status. Neither of which is something chosen. I do not feel that Jesus would be turning millions of people away, but would instead embrace them. Many people do not love themselves because of things out of their control and this is not what I believe Jesus would want for them. It is very hard to love your neighbor as yourself if you do not love yourself. After all, God made each of us and He called his creation good.

Bonnie Miesen (Big Lake, 2021-08-04)


I truly believe we need to make these changes in our Chruch, plus we need to open priesthood to married men and to women. Two many parishes are in dire need of a priest.

Evalee Mickey (North Liberty, 2021-08-05)


Young women very rarely are heard in the Catholic Church.

Lexi Brown (LaGrange , 2021-08-05)


I believe in the wisdom and contributions of lay people in the church who should be listened to, as St. John Henry Newman advocated.

Edward Sellner (St. Paul, 2021-08-06)


I believe that to truly follow Jesus, there is an urgent need for Church reform and that we must all claim our Baptismal inheritance. The laity must lead so the bishops can follow.

Peter Finn (Ferntree Gully, 2021-08-06)


I'm signing because I believe our voices are in urgent need to be heard Peggy Spencer

Peggy Spencer (Melbourne, 2021-08-06)


Because I believe it is very important and significant that the Pope has called for the urgent needs for the renewal of the Catholic church to be heard from all the laity who are desperate for many changes in a world that sobs for love, unity and peace.

Janet Perrott (Cape Town, 2021-08-06)


I am signing because I want to make sure that those who are given the opportunity to respond represent the real church and not just those selectively picked by bishops or parish priests.

Judith Sholes (Gaithersburg, 2021-08-07)


I am signing b’coz I want the church to acknowledge people as the Church, and the clergy change, structurally & spiritually to conform to Jesus Christ’s teaching instead of promoting patriarchal, Victorian values.

Brinda Adige (Bengaluru , 2021-08-09)


I am so sad about the situation of the Catholic Church. I think it needs to get closer to Christ's message, reform itself , listen to lay and women's voices and deal with Clericalism and legalism.

Margaret Hetherton (Balmain East, 2021-08-09)


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Morel Faris (Bastia, 2021-08-10)


I believe the time is long overdue for the laity to have an input into decision making in the church

Gerry Lynch (Dumfries, 2021-08-11)


because as an old fart - I'm 79+ - I've had one bishop in my entire adult life, and that was Tom Fulton, with whom I could talk as one human being to another. All the others, and there were some decent ones, but for them "bishop" was almost a different species

John` Quinn (St. Catharines, 2021-08-11)


I believe the Church should be more than a democracy, not less; and synodal government,ent and this Global Synod especially gives us the opportunity to develop such a Church of equals where all have the Holy Spirit within them and a voice that needs to be heard if we are to distil 'what Spirit is saying to the churches' of our time.

Richard McKay (Bristol, 2021-08-11)

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