Involucrar a la gente en los sínodos del Papa Francisco



it is time that the church listens to the people that is the church,

Frances Pavlas Bose (Pullman , 2021-08-17)


I believe that it is important that the Bishop/s hear what lay people have to say as they make up the majority of people in our Church.

Mary Cleary (Toowoomba, 2021-08-17)


I believe the Catholic Church is losing relevancy and efficacy as it continues to maintain beliefs and practices that originated centuries ago in Europe. Jesus got into a lot of trouble because he called the rule-bound hierarchy of his time and place into account. I don't think the Church as a body is carrying on the ministry of love that Jesus came to institute.

Marynance Schellenbach (Duarte, 2021-08-17)


Pq quero uma Igreja libertadora e em saída e não esta que suprimiu as comunidades eclesiais de base a teologia da libertação e consequentemente a saída....vamos resgatar e melhorar ok! Paz e bem! Bjsss

Maria Isabel de Panaro (OSASCO, 2021-08-18)


I have been waiting for most of my adult life for this church to care what the laity would like to happen. I was a Vatican II Catholic graduating college in 1969. I was very active in my parish in the 1970's to 1980's. Now I live in N.C. in a Diocese that reminds me of the church of 1950! I am holding on to my affiliation with the church by my fingernails. If we don't get some change, my husband and I will be lost.

Aleta Galusha (Waxhaw, 2021-08-18)


acredito que a igreja precisa de uma reforma produzida por todos nós e inclusiva a todos nós

Maria Thereza Buoro (são Paulo, 2021-08-19)


je suis en accord avec les propositions depuix plus de quarante ans ,ayant fait partie des groupes pour la place de la femme dans les églises

henri-Jacques stiker (Thomery, 2021-08-19)


We need to return to a church that is true to the teachings of Jesus, not perpetuate a self-serving hierarchy in a clericalist church.

Frank Scheele (Kingaroy, 2021-08-19)


Sou LGBTQIA+ e gostaria de viver minha fé Católica sem perseguições e preconceitos.

Mateus Farias (Teresina, 2021-08-19)


Change has to happen -the voice of women must be heard, or the church has no future.

Christina Reymer (Hamilton , 2021-08-19)


For a synodal church which listens and learns. Where everybody can feel and be at home.

Rhiannon Thompson (Chichester, 2021-08-19)


Signing because I know too many people too saddened and too fearful to speak truth to each other in our Church. We desperately need uninhibited, truthful, loving dialogue. Will Bishops, an exclusively male group - signed up to accepting and promoting the exclusion of women, take forward the cries for an end to that exclusive male supremacy? Will our priests? Are they alive to the excruciating damage to women and men that is wreaked by the exercise of that supremacy? Could someone bring those asleep out from under the anaesthetic? Holy Spirit breathe us awake.

Maggie Mathews (Bristol, 2021-08-19)


Je signe parce qu'il est plus que temps que l'Eglise Catholique vienne à être une Église que Jésus lui-même accepterait!

Madelaine Mageau (Deep River,, 2021-08-20)


obwohl ich von den Bischöfen nicht viel Mut erwarte und meine, dass wir die Kirche deshalb von unten erneuern müssen. Wie meinte schon Teresa v. Ávila: "Nichts wächst von oben nach unten, alles von unten nach oben."

Harald Prinz (Enns, 2021-08-20)


I want the voice of the laity to be heard.

Mary Taylor (Kingston-upon-Thames, 2021-08-20)


The Church is ALL of us together. The Second Vatican Council envisioned a renewed church, not based primarily on hierarchy. NY State bishops were rather shocked when (then) Bishop Matthew Clark promised to abide by the results of our diocesan synod to the extent allowed under canon law. And abide he did!

Deirdre McKiernan Hetzler (Fairport, 2021-08-20)


Ich unterschreibe, weil es für die Menschheit wichtig ist, damit Frieden, Gerechtigkeit etc. auf unserer Erde wächst.

Rupert Kern (Graz, 2021-08-20)


Ich unterschreibe, weil es höchst an der Zeit ist, einiges in der Kirche zu reformieren. Sie möge evangeliumsgemäßer werden und ihre klerikale, hierarchische, frauenfeindliche und zentralistische Struktur ablegen.

Robert Hochgruber (Brixen, 2021-08-20)


I have been a Catholic all my life, literally since I was baptized when I was 8 hours old. I have been disappointed by the Church but realized it wasn’t my faith but the men running the Church. The Baptimal vows taken for me and renewed by me every year do not include so many rules, regulations and arbitrary customs instituted by bureaucrats in the Church to enrich themselves and the organization. It is time the Church re-examined itself and cleansed itself. Why is a married clergy allowed in the Byzantine Rite? Why were married clergy allowed to convert to Roman Catholicism and become Catholic priests but Catholic priests cannot marry? Why is a celibate heterosexual priest acceptable but a celibate homosexual priest is not? Why do we, as Catholics, demand that others accept our view of life? Jesus accepted that Samaritans were different from Jews. It wasn’t until the second century that the Church didn’t require conversion to Judaism before acceptance into Christianity. It is time for Catholics to “render unto Caesar,” and stick to faith and faith only.

Beatrix (Bea) McPherson (Fairfax, 2021-08-20)


I want to be part of a church of equals and not a patriarchal and hierarchical church.

Louise Rauckhorst (HENDERSON, 2021-08-20)


I am signing as i see the chance now

Georg Kopetzky (Neulengbach, 2021-08-20)


The church is dying choked by excessive clericalism and irrelevant attitudes to the grass root people - who are the body of Christ !

pat guilfoyle (Charlestown , 2021-08-20)


Ewald Benes (Biedermannsdorf, 2021-08-21)


I'm signing because I am the church and its leaders have lost their way ... the way of Jesus.

Dr Peter Schneider (MULGRAVE, 2021-08-21)


Ich unterschreibe, weil ich für eine geschwisterliche Kirche eintrete.

Barbara Sattinger (Graz, 2021-08-21)


Synodality is vital for the survival of our church moving forward.

Susan Hyslop (Somerset, 2021-08-22)


I’m signing because synodality, beginning with individuals talking to one another is the process most likely to yield positive and lasting results.

Kevin Liston (Adelaide, 2021-08-22)


I do agree with Pope Francis that it's all connected. We are put here to do the job for which we were sent - to use our Creator-given talents to bring about, on THIS EARTH, a KINDOM of God! LETS DO IT! Lorrie Greco

Loris Greco (Hales Corners, 2021-08-22)


I feel this is very important for the future of our church. Bishops must understand what is going on in the real world!

Mary Austin (Jackson, 2021-08-23)


I'm signing because I care about our church and want all people to be heard - not just the clerics who enjoy their power

Marian Thompson (Stockport, 2021-08-23)


We are greatly concerned for the future of the church.

John and Rosemary Williams (Ottawa, 2021-08-23)


I am female, I am a member of the Laity and we are the Church. The leadership of the catholic church needs to be reformed. The why for me is the coverup of the abuse of children,adults, and finances especially here in the USA. I believe the USCCB should include equal representation from each diocese to include female and male. Selection of the people should only be determined by the Laity. Maybe then we can have some transparency for our church.

Peggy Johnson Fargo (Nokesville, VA, 2021-08-24)


I believe Pope Francis needs to hear from the pro-Vatican II laity. Those wishing to stay true to those principles and supporting an active participation of the laity

Beverly Phillips (Crestwood Ky, 2021-08-24)


I believe it it about time our bishops paid more attention to the laity in each diocese. We are the Church, after all.. Our bishops need to keep in mind that Jesus spoke directly to the people, visited with them, dined with them and suffered for and died for them Our bishops should take note. In my parish, I led the formation of a group of parishioners called The Thomas Merton Center. Our bishop at that time (24years ago) was very progressive and blessed our community. Yo this day we celebrate Mass every Sunday with our own group of retired priests who are in good standing. We still participate in the parish and offer several programs each year for the general public on Catholic related themes.

Richard Placone (Palo Alto, CA, 2021-08-24)


We are the people of GOD and should be included in the Synods..

Fred Cloppert (Columbus, 2021-08-25)


I am signing because synodality is the process that will included all the church in discerning its way forward, under the guidance of God's Spirit.

vivien williams (HIGHETT, 2021-08-26)


je signe parce que je suis d'accord avec les pétitions mais j'ajoute la possibilité du post-théisme et pourtant le fait que l'Église catholique ne possède vraiment une ligne directe avec Dieu

Hugo Charles Castelli Eyre (Madrid, 2021-08-26)


I support the process called for by Pope Francis.

Jo Serey (Glendale, 2021-08-28)


I am deeply committed to synbodality for the WHOLE Church; all the Baptised must share responsibility for this.

Trish Hindmarsh (Burnie, 2021-08-29)


It is time the bishops listen to the people.

Mary Ragland (Cincinnati, 2021-08-29)


Because I want the church to wake up to the needs of the people.

Anne Welker (Campbell, 2021-08-29)


The institutional church needs to be more open to the Spirit and less legalistic. It needs to be more egalitarian and inclusive.

Sarah Hancock (Hummelstown, 2021-08-29)


I’m signing because I believe the Church has not been attentive to issues of subsidiarity and participation in its decision-making and this synod offers a constructive path forward.

Jennifer Haworth (Whitehall, 2021-08-29)


I want to see all the promises of Vatican ll restored and kept.

Thomas Hagan (Missoula, 2021-08-29)


In a practical sense I already left the church and found a harbour in the protestant church, exactly because I do not accept the spiritless continuation of a hierarchy based on patriarchal celibatary principles that possibly have been sensible centuries ago. I still love the worldwide unity in the form of celebration, the order of the mass.

JWDM Henfling (Hilversum, 2021-08-29)


The institutional patriarchal hierarchical Catholic Church neither represents nor reflects the values and intent of Jesus Christ. It confuses authority with power which too often is abusive. A communal model of Church is necessary if it is to survive in any meaningful way.

Jennifer Anne Herrick (Umina Beach, 2021-08-29)


The church needs reform

KATHLEEN ELLERTSON (Cameron Park, 2021-08-29)


I am signing to lend my voice to those of us who want to be part of shaping the Church instead of having it destroyed and become meaningless for so many young people.

Julie Murray (Cincinnati, 2021-08-29)


I strongly want this to happen.

Annette Milross (Heathcote, 2021-08-29)


I love my church and I love Jesus Christ and I want all of our young people to know Jesus and his life. I work hard in my church and I enjoy it. I want our older parishioners to reap the fruits of their time growing our church. Lets get our church back to what Jesus said it should be..all inclusive and kind to sll.

Vivian Jeffrey (Ramsey, 2021-08-30)


Jesus did not advocate for, or create a hierarchichal church. He asked only that we love one another and recreate his final supper in His memory. He included women among His apostles, and never proscribed their leadership. We need to look at our church and decide whether to emulate Christ or the Pharisees.

Kathleen Baka (Kirtland, 2021-08-30)


I’m signing because I grieve for how far the Church has come from the goals Jesus had for her.

Jocelyn Rait (Merrickville, 2021-08-30)


I believe strongly that as, as church, must get back to the simplicity of the early Church and the example to Jesus to be people of love and inclusiveness.

Donna Marie Perry (Calgary, 2021-08-30)


This diocese functions as a pre Vatican 11 diocese.Our new seminary touts we are raising men of nobility.Our Bishop does not operate like a Shepherd.

Jane Francisco (Charlotte , 2021-08-30)


I believe Pope Francis is open to the reforms needed in our Catholic Church.

Maeve Walsh (Ballycastle, 2021-08-30)


I am signing as we are in a very desperate situation with our Church still living in Pre Vatican Days. Some token changes are there, but real transformation is still a pipe dream.

Lisa Pires (Nagoa, Goa, 2021-08-31)


I am signing because I believe that the Spirit works through all people

Lydia Gillen (Skerries, 2021-08-31)


endlich Bewegung in die "Kirchenstarre" kommen soll

Margaret Gottfried (Wien, 2021-08-31)


I believe in synodical process.

Paul Teece (London , 2021-08-31)


Voices of the LAITY must be TRUELY

Felicity Giles (Sydney, 2021-08-31)


Im signing because of the importance of developing a truly participative Church which will enable the shift away from the current hierarchical model to a more synodal model.

Bride Counihan (Cork, 2021-08-31)


Signing because I love the Catholic church and want Francis to continue to restore the efforts of Vatican II which lead us to Christ.

Carolyn Meyers-Hughes (Cincinnati, 2021-08-31)


60 years after the Holy Spirit spoke so clearly of reform at the Vatican 2 Council, the church hierarchy largely continues to ignore this and maintain an often corrupt structure, which Jesus never intended.

Meg Hegarty (Melrose Pk, 2021-08-31)


We the people of God are the church and by our baptism we have the right and the responsibility to use our voice. The synod offers this mechanism to be heard and we need our Bishops to be faithful and engaged in the process.

Stephanie Fielder (Charlotte, 2021-08-31)


I believe that we should all have a voice in the Church as mandated by our Holy Father Pope Francis.

Camilla Martocchia (Charlotte NC, 2021-08-31)


Because we have a young, new conservative priest who has a personality disorder of some sort. He seems to think he stands in the place of God.

Carl Scheider (Woodbury, 2021-09-01)


I want to be proud to belong to the Catholic Church.

Gary and Sue Damyanovich (RAMSEY, 2021-09-01)


lay People of God must be well represented at these synods

Catherine Long (Brevard, 2021-09-02)


Some Bishops are aggressively moving the Church in the wrong direction. I can no longer support their actions which are contrary to what Pope Francis reminds us that God calls us to do and be.

Socorro McCord (San Jose, 2021-09-02)


I'm committed to the church but reform is needed, especially in church governance and the language used to express our faith, it no longer resonates with people, especially the young.

Brian Bond (Melbourne, 2021-09-02)


There is so much to do to bring our Church to a simple, Christ-like Haven of compassion to care for the Earth & to Care for the Poor. LOVE & HUMILITY & SIMPLICITY ought lead the way.

Leonie Martin (North Turramurra, 2021-09-02)


The Church needs to reform in order to survive

John Chuchman (Central Lake, 2021-09-03)


I am a practicing Catholic and act as lector and Eucharistic minister. I believe that unless priests are allowed to marry and women may be ordained, the Church will not continue to exist.

Susan Shipherd (Albany NY, 2021-09-03)


Am on verge of finding a new church as I feel our bishops are and have over the past ten to fifteen years been educating and brain washing our seminarians and young priests into a far right leaning conservative stance on Catholic tenets and trying to bring our mass and religion back to pre Vatican 11 days. We need more acceptance, by the church, of inclusion of all its members and not just the bishops and a preselected group of Catholics around them who are pushing , as well, for pre Vatican 11 services and a hierarchical governing system as they now have been pushing it. Let the people across a broad spectrum have a say in how their church will be run. Let us participate in local and US synods and have a meaningful voice and vote in them. The clerics, priest and bishops don’t or should not be dictating how this church should evolve, the people should.

Dean DeVillers (Charlotte, 2021-09-03)


Vatican II acknowledged the community of the faithful as the People of God, made in His image and likeness, thus sharing the very dignity of God. To ignore the People of God is to ignore the very work of God himself.

Andrew P. Connolly (Copiague, 2021-09-04)


After being a life-long Catholic and working for the Church for 25 years, I no longer go to Mass. The Church has become a right-wing conservative church that follows the Evangelical Christian Church but no longer follows Jesus. What has happened to social justice and the Sermon on the Mount?? It is all about abortion and following the drumbeat of republican politics. No thank you I prefer to speak to a loving God and meditate in my garden.

kathleen jones (hacienda hts., 2021-09-04)


The make up of the Synod must include lay people. We must bring an end to the top down structure of Bishops to those below. The Synod will be a great step in this important work if there is sufficient participation by the laity.

David Jackson (Edinburg, 2021-09-04)


Jesus left us an ekklesia = direct democracy in which women & men had equal voting rights. No clergy. Priests have subverted it to their own benefit. What would Lydia think, or Paul?

Joseph Marren (Chicago, 2021-09-04)


I and all the members of the laity should have a voice in all church decisions.

Carol Nesbit (Port Washington, 2021-09-04)


I am a daughter of my catholic church and I want to see my Church inclusive and radical in the following of Christ.

Metti Amirtham (Tindivanam, Tamilnadu, 2021-09-05)



Jane Omlor (Tiffin, OH, 2021-09-05)


we are the church

DONNA Ryan (Omaha, 2021-09-05)


The Roman Catholic Church is in critical need of deep reform of its governing structure--from absolute monarchy and total control of the ordained to a synodal structure in which all have the ability to share and discern doctrine and morals.

Charles Gibson (Auburn, 2021-09-05)


The Church must include lay women and men in positions of leadership and authority, have ordained women as well as men, and stop trying to regulate the life of married couples.

Theresa Pretlow (Cleveland, 2021-09-06)


Our priest and our bishop will not listen to the people who don't like Latin Masses.

Grace Dorsey (Boone, 2021-09-06)


Estoy de acuerdo con lo que se dice en el escrito anque agregaría otra serie de cosas como: la Iglesia debe desprenderse de tantos bienes inmuebles y riquezas que tiene para ponerlo al servicio de los pobres, eliminación de símbolos desfasados: capas, mitras, anillos, sotanas rojas etc....etc...estar comprometida con los sectores populares y marginados de la sociedad...más democracia en la Iglesia...

Juan Cejudo (Cádiz, 2021-09-06)


Ik teken omdat ik het noodzakelijk vindt dat de kerk meer bij de tijd gebracht wordt.
En omdat (gehuwde) mannen en (gehuwde) vrouwen moeten kunnen toetreden tot het gewijde priesterschap. En omdat de kerk weer een boodschap moet hebben voor de huidige maatschappij en samenleving.

Harry Willems (Rosmalen/den Bosch, 2021-09-06)


I want to see a return to the promise and excitement of the post Vatican ll era when i was teaching RE in a. Catholic secondary school.

Mary Anstey (NEWPORT, 2021-09-07)


I am signing this petition because there are too many people who seem to support a "fundamentalist" view of the church--that the church is incapable of change. If that were so, we would still be endorsing slavery and insisting the Galileo was wrong. In fact, they want to revert back to the pre-Vatican II church of the 1950s; some wish to see the medieval church restored. It is time for an honest look at why so many Catholics have walked away from the church because of its primitive stance on human sexuality and the assumption that because women do not possess a penis, they cannot be ordained to the priesthood. The rejection of women and married priests is crippling the capacity of the church to serve the People of God. It's a crying shame. The cover up of crimes against children and adolescents is in large part due to the priest shortage. And the sense that children are somehow culpable for the crimes committed against them. I could go on, but it is just ridiculous at this point.

Rea Howarth (Front Royal, 2021-09-07)


I am signing this because I believe in synodality and that the Holy Spirit guides our church through all of us, not just the clergy.

Joyce Rothermel (Pittsburgh, 2021-09-08)


Es muy importante la participación de los laicos para que se escuche nuestra voz pues somos los que vivimos más cerca de la vida de la gente y estamos inmersos en el mundo. Mundo amado por Dios y por nosotros.

Antonia Roldán Granados (Granada, 2021-09-11)


estoy harta del patriarcado y del clericalismo

Luisa Ripa (Ranelagh, 2021-09-13)


I joined the Catholic Church as Vatican II was being implemented. It was an inspirational 50 years, but recently the Tridentine Mass folks have eliminated all the progress toward being truly the Church of God and his son, Jesus.

Karen James (Vilas, NC, 2021-09-15)


Es el camino necesario para la iglesia

maría encarnación fuentes-guerra (Badajoz, 2021-09-16)


Estoy de acuerdo con la petición

Jenaro Guisasola (San Sebastián, 2021-09-17)


The Synod as set up is addressing evangelical pursuits only, not the problems in the Church itself. We need to be more inclusive and welcoming. My family has been Catholic on both sides for generations, but my children are leaving because of judgement and shaming.

Jeanne Wiestling (Minneapolis , 2021-09-17)


I want the Church to return to its basic origins. I want it to sell te vatican and give the money to poor people. In these days the Pope could communicate with the faithful more effectively on zoom and twitter.

Thomas Jackson (Rochdale, 2021-09-22)

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