Disband L.S. Dunes

As you may know, L.S. Dunes is a popular band amongst many people ranging from kids to adults. Formed in 2020 with one studio released album, they have come a long way. In recent times they have faced a downfall. The band members are on the side of supporting A.I and calling it "art." As musicians and creators of lyrical art they should be opposing the artificial intelligence, however, they favor it instead. Not only that but two members out of the band support Isreal and the mass murders of innocent people and children. Are you, the public, going to let this band stay together when they're making money off of our current world proplems and beliefs? Sign our petition today to help disband L.S. Dunes.DBF6030F-2980-4043-BC7D-2CA8F33B7E8A.jpeg

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