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  Dear Neighbors I would like to introduce myself. My name is Steven Cox. I have been living in the community for the last 13 years. Like many of you I was very shocked to see the notice of another increase in rent. I have spoken to many of you already and had the opportunity to hear your opinion on how the rent increases are just not fair. As everyone in the park is already aware, the park did sell to a new owner whom we have not met yet. I feel that maybe this owner does not realize the impact he is having on the people in his park with these extreme rent increases. I am an AC technician and with this job it brings me a lot of opportunities to meet new people indifferent expertise of the law. after I've communicated a couple of my concerns about the rent increases and how it is affected a lot of the people in our park. Many of them have advised me that there's not a whole lot we can do legally about the rent increase. However, they did inform me that we can try to make a plea with the owner to give him a better understanding of how this is affecting everyone in his park. I have also spoken to two of my clients that happened to work for fox 4 News and NBC5. They both have advised me before involving the media to make a plead to the owner And try to get him to understand the devastation he is causing many of the families in the mobile Home Park. If we were unable to have the owner listen to our concerns or come to an understanding that they would be more than happy to help us bring awareness of the situation that is happening to us in this park.  After speaking to my wife and bringing my concerns to some of my clients that work in different areas of the law. We decided that it would be a great opportunity to start this petition to give our neighbors a voice. We want all our neighbor’s to have the opportunity of being able to have their voice heard. Below you will see a note that I have attached to the current owner, and I believe the investment group of the park. If you feel that my words are true, please sign below if you would like to leave a comment you are able to do so and if you have any questions, please reach out to me thank you for listening.    


Thank You Steven Cox  






                  Dear Mr. Zulejkic & CH Realty IX-FS Mhc Denton Woodhaven LP,   I would like to first start off by thanking you for all the improvements that you are making in the community. After several years of having no improvements being made within our park. Seeing the improvements made to the parking spaces, roads and the addition of the pool are greatly appreciated. These improvements were much needed and appreciated by our park. Therefore when I received the notice of a rent increase going up by $400 I was shocked but not surprised due to all the improvements that were promised. However, the increase did go into effect before any of these improvements had even started. To be honest some of the improvements have caused issues around many of the homes. When it rains almost everyone's house floods. All the drains are covered or nonexistent. The crew who installed the parking spaces left several Nails and I mean several nails throughout roads, driveways, and yard causing a lot of residents to have to replace tires. That is just a few things that have happened since the construction started which some of the stuff is understandable I just want to make sure you're aware of what's happening. After talking to a lot of my neighbors most if not all the people who live in this park either live on a fixed income or living paycheck by paycheck.  When the last rent increase went into effect it hurt a lot of us. Most of the people who are on fixed incomes aren't even able to purchase food due to the increase even with a discount given to them. Myself and A lot of my neighbors moved into this park because we wanted a safe place for our families that we could afford. We feel like we are being driven out of our park. We are unable to afford the prices that you are suggesting for just land and most of us. If not all of us have a mortgage on our homes. It is completely unfair that you have raised the rent the way you have, knowing that it will be hard for most of us to be able to move our homes into other mobile home parks. Let alone being able to afford the high cost of renting an apartment, you will be leaving several people homeless when they are unable to afford the rent that you are suggesting.    After speaking to a few of our neighbors on the new side of the park. We have spoken to a woman who is a VP coordinator for a high-priced company as she stated. She was offered a lease term that she showed us that would only increase her rent $100 every year with her rent amount starting off at $490. I don't know why she was privileged enough to get a lease term of this kind but I do find that a little unfair for someone who is new in the park. Although she did state that she knows you personally so maybe this is favoritism. A few of the neighbors on the new side had no idea she was receiving this kind of deal; you might be receiving some upset calls. My neighbors and I are not trying to start any problems but we would like a fair rent amount that we are able to afford. We were OK with the first increase, there's nothing we can do about that now. But going up an additional $80 is completely and totally unfair when you have someone in the mobile home park that you have offered special privileges.  We are just asking for a place to call home that we can afford without being scared that we're not going to be able to pay next month's rent and a lot of your Social Security people are unable to afford even food. The residents of this park don’t want to bring this to the attention of the news. I feel after speaking to a couple of the reporters from Channel 4 and NBC5 this would make a great stories since you have yet to give us a lease and have raised the rent twice in the last eight months let alone giving a resident in the park a special lease that locks her in with only receiving $100 increase per year. I have started this petition to make you aware of how the residents of this park feel since we have yet to have had the pleasure of meeting you. I hope you take into consideration our concerns and understand that we enjoy living here and understand that we will have to go through some rent increases but the way that this is being executed is completely unfair and unjust. I'm not sure if you've ever lived paycheck to paycheck or on a fixed income because if you have you would have never subjected any person to go through what you are forcing us to go through. We look forward to hearing from you soon.     Thank you, Woodhaven Residents

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