Request for Security Guard on Hollywood Campus

Hello parents!
Some of us have expressed our concerns regarding the safety issues in our school. We have talked with Ms. Viviana and the administrative team about it and now decided to send an email to the head office in the hope that the security staff will return to our school as soon as possible. Find the letter below and if you want to sign it please leave your email so you can receive it and leave your e signature.


To whom this may concern,

We are sure that you already know that there have been discussions about the issue of safety at our school. We have discussed our concerns with the school's administrative team, we have made phone calls, we have sent emails.
Especially now with the situation with covid and the changes in the way the school operates and the new data, security staff is required more than before.

The school is located on a high volume street. The gates of the school are open and there are multiple entrance doors. A staff member who does the best she can by running from one door to another to ensure the safe entry of children into the school space is not enough and in no case can be described as sufficient.

We already have parents who have started to report incidents, police was called on some cases, the door of the playground is open while the children are playing because from there are the new entrances for some of the classrooms, fights just outside the school, a man who is not related to our school community sitting on a school bench and more. Should we wait until a tragic incident occurs?

Our concerns should be taken into account no matter how we try to communicate them to you and the safety of our children should not be negotiable. Please consider that there was security staff when we enrolled our children in this school and the safety of our children was a promise given to us during enrollment and this for some was one of the key reasons we enrolled our children.

We would like a date for Mr. Paul's and Mr. Chris's return, we no longer feel safe sending our children to school.


Parents of Guidepost Montessori at Hollywood Beach

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