The percentage of the proctor need to be added to the final grade

We, the students of MRU, would like to petition for a change in the grading system for the nutrition proctor exam. Currently, the percentage of grades for this exam is added to the final grade by levels, which we believe is unfair and unjust.

The reason for our concern is that the nutrition proctor exam is not covered in our classes. Therefore, it is challenging for students to prepare adequately for it. Furthermore, the exam is not focused on the topics taught in class, which makes it difficult for students to score higher grades.

We believe that it would be more appropriate to add the percentage of grades of the nutrition proctor exam to the final grade as a whole. This would be a fairer and more justifiable method, as it would provide an accurate reflection of a student's overall academic performance.

We respectfully request that you take our petition into consideration and review the current grading system for the nutrition proctor exam. We believe that our voices will be heard and that changes will be made to improve the academic experience for all students at MRU.


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